Alison Abrams
General Information
Domain: Evocation
Undead Lich Queen
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair Color: Brunette
(dyed blonde)
Family & Friends
Family: Samuel Abrams (father)
Elizabeth Abrams (mother)
Elias Abrams (brother)
Brayden Abrams (brother)
Cathrine Abrams (sister)
Alec Abrams (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Jaime King


As the youngest sister of the bunch, and the subject of a prophecy foretold by one of the Diviner kin, Alison was one of the ones most connected to Elias. He had watched over her and protected her through most of her life, and when her other siblings went away for school, she was left alone with Eli. Whenever he died, she was still in high school and it hurt her greatly. After his death, she ran from responsibility as quickly as her legs, grades, and family money could take her. She ran to the first out of state college that accepted her.

She didn’t want to abandon her family, but she also did not want their life: one filled with the dangers of magic and Shadowkind. At college, she became somewhat of a party girl, making friends quickly and forgetting any, and everything, about responsibility and her past life. Though she still practiced magic whenever she could, she only did so in case a Shadowkind attacked her while she was off guard. The thoughts about Eli dying had her scared to death of the subject itself, and thoughts about what her own death would be like. It didn’t take long before the thoughts consumed her.

Whenever she received the call from Brayden about her parents’ disappearance, she withdrew from college and went to the Estate, even if it was reluctantly. She still shunted off responsibility, though she knew that being loyal and dependable to your family was of the utmost importance in her eldest brother’s eyes. With that lesson ingrained in her, she went to where the other families were gathering, even though the obsession with her possibility of dying still loomed within her mind.

Season OneEdit

The chaos that unfolded at the Estate was much debated among the families themselves. Though she was trying her hardest to fit back in with her family after having left them and throwing all of her responsibilities away, she couldn’t see past her own anger towards them for living the life they did and for making her stay at the Estate. Every chance she got, she made sure to bring up her own feelings against the ones of her siblings; even if it was publically and in front of the other families.

Many saw her as selfish and unconcerned for the war that was at hand. She didn’t care; instead, she was wrapped up in memories of how she felt at the time that Eli died, and how she didn’t want to have the same happen to her. She feared that the Shadowkind would kill her because she hadn’t been training as fervently as the rest of the families had. She allowed the feelings to consume her, and they quickly turned reminiscent of hatred. She began to seek ways to avoid dying; there had always been legends amongst the families of immortality, though they were just fairytales made up by the parents.

Refusing to give up her beliefs or her search, Alison eventually found a way to get what she wanted: a Shadowkind had the ability to grant one wish to someone, and Alison was determined to make her wish for immortality. She began training harder to prove her worth to the enemy that she’d soon be attempting to woo; in her eyes, she had to prove herself worthy of having her wish granted, even though it would be done by the very things her family was up against in the deadly war.

The power running through her veins consumed her. Her arguments with her family soon turned into battles against the rest of the families, as well. She attacked them all one night, in a fit of rage against them, before she made her move to find the very being capable of granting her wish. She left the Estate that night—fully aware that she had a nighttime follower lurking in the shadows behind her. She arrived at the meeting spot where she’d find the Shadowkind, and she made her wish. When she was told she needed a sacrifice to have it fully granted, she did so without hesitation: sacrificing her follower, Jordan Kroman, without breaking a sweat.

Alison returned to the Estate that night, and told not one soul about her deal. She would have to wait for her wish to be granted, though she had to put on a front so that she wasn’t found out. For a majority of the time she spent at the Estate, she was being consumed by the evil corrosion that the Shadowkind had tainted her with. She became more generous towards everyone—a sign that should have given her away.

When Remy Bontecou opened up the Estate to all of the Shadowkind waiting to get at the families throats, Alison’s wish was finally granted. She went down in battle, faking her own death, and causing her brother Alec to try and defend her fallen body. When he was killed, she watched with a smile; he was the final catalyst in the war. Her brother Brayden lost it, tearing into the Shadowkind with his powers before eventually falling out. She left the Estate in the company of the Shadowkind that had granted her wish, and began her transformation into immortality.

Season TwoEdit

While the surviving members of her family and the rest of the survivors of the first war fought in Sunset Glades, Alison was in the Shadow Realm. The Queen of Chaos had granted her wish, but as Alison found out, she shouldn’t have trusted the Shadowkind. Her body had been transformed into that of an undead lich, as a result of the betrayal that she displayed going up against the families that had fought for her life. Even still, she had been granted her shell of immortality, and she flourished in her new life. The powers she had known as an Evoker were gone, though the ones she gained as a special lich were suitable for her.

However, what she wasn’t happy with was her status as a lowly Shadowkind. Even though she did have certain gifts that the others didn’t, she became consumed with her limitations. She turned on the Queen of Chaos, taking some of the Shadowkind’s own powers from her and leaving her almost dead on her throne. Alison left, exploring the Shadow Realm and beginning to make a name for her throughout the plane. She heard of another coming war, one that the people down in Florida would be facing, and she coaxed many to follow under her wing.

When the Behemoth struck in Florida, Alison was right there behind the scenes. She had amassed enough of an army for herself that she took vengeance out on the Arcane Protectors and the Arcanists, without mercy. Though she never showed her face, she was the one responsible for unleashing the giant Basilisk that attacked Gavin Sterling and ate Vincent Cesario. Her wrath was relentless, and she was just getting started.

Season ThreeEdit

After the Arcanists fell, Alison spent two years climbing the ladder in the Shadow Realm. She became known as the Undead Lich Queen, one woman who was feared throughout the realm. However, she still had her higher powers to bow to. An ancient force that demanded Alison serve it approached her, and she agreed without question. With the Arcanists out of the picture, she knew she would be able to dominate the Material Realm, and the extra help was promising.

She became a leader in the giant army that amassed a majority of the Shadow Realm, and destroyed what it couldn’t control. Alison crossed over into the Material Realm to lead several groups of the army, and it was on one lucky day that the Kreelocks delivered a bloody body at her feet: that of Gavin Sterling. With his return, she knew that things would take a turn in their plans, and she quickly set out to figure out just how to come out on top.

Somehow, she managed to lure three new Arcanists to the Los Angeles Graveyard. There, she realized that the Ancients had called new Arcanists, and she feared that they might put a kink in her plans. She tried killing those that showed up to her trap, though she only managed to rip the heart out of one. She has her eyes set especially on the two that escaped her; none before them had.