Cameron Mackay
General Information
Domain: Eldritch Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Family & Friends
Friends: Brayden Abrams
Lorelei Ashford
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Two
Last appearance: Season Two
Portrayer: Anne Hathaway


Cameron didn’t have very many memories of life outside of the Order. She was recruited very young, and had been brought up with the knowledge that she would be working for something bigger than herself. Of course with years came understanding; no small child could possibly understand that they were one of the protectors between the Material Realm and the Shadowkind. What memories she did have beyond the teachings of lore and history were not exactly pleasant.

Cameron had been raised by her mother, and had never known her father. Living in poverty, when a person was found murdered it was considered just another bit of news to be reported. Of course the police were called, but many homicides went without their victims finding justice. She had been there the night that her mother was killed by, to her eyes, some kind of monster. Once it had finished with her mom, it had turned on her; as fate would have it, a Hunter showed up—too late for her mom, but not too late for her.

Because of her father’s blood, they had come looking for her to join his calling. She entered into the Order at a young age, and gained the Arcane tattoo just under her wrist. Upon graduation, she was given her magical artifact, and she spent some years doing groundwork for the Order. Eventually, Cameron was summoned up in front of the Order and told she’d be transferring to Florida because of the skills she possessed. She was needed in the upcoming war. She was brilliant at what she had been trained to do; she was quick on her feet and innovative.

Season TwoEdit

The change of scenery that Sunset Glades brought was embraced with a warm welcome from the huntress. While the Shadowkind grew stronger with every attack, Cameron was ever the optimist. She never questioned her cause, and vowed that she would protect the Arcanists even if she died trying. She didn’t get caught up in the trivial arguments that Juliet and Hotaru did, but she did have a few hesitancies when her faction was confronted by the Leopold Hunters.

If anything, her uncertainty about the religious organization rested with their origins – they were human. She wouldn’t turn her back on her cause, her blood, but she was reluctant at first because the group was of her own realm. She couldn’t see how the Leopolds could want to hurt other humans. When she witnessed just how cruel the Leopolds could be, she put aside her concerns and fought with all she had. Human or not, Cameron wasn’t going to let them hurt those she was meant to protect.

While in Florida, the hunter became close with three others more than the rest: Lorelei Ashford, Brayden Abrams, and Taylor Sullivan. Cameron was often the source of uplifting cheerfulness; she thought that it was better to look for the good in their situation rather than focus on the negative. Even on her hunts, the girl was the most encouraging out of the rest. Throughout her adventures protecting the Arcanists, Cameron came face to face with the demon that had slain her mother so long ago. The demon had escaped, though Cameron never thought it would come after her so many years later.

When Juliet died, Cameron supported Taylor in taking up the leadership role that needed to be filled. She felt that the other hunter would much more suit the position, given her talent and abilities. Cameron helped lead the others whenever Taylor needed her to, though her main task was keeping an eye on the Arcanists in case the Leopolds struck. When the Behemoth arrived in Sunset Glades, Cameron was fighting alongside of Brayden. The two were separated during the intense battle, just long enough for two vampires to swoop in when they had worn her down. With the rest of the battle raging on, she didn’t make it past the two Shadowkind.

Magical ArtifactEdit

Cloak of Invisibility: This finely crafted garment is made of blue and purple material. A pair of matching blue quartz crystals and diamonds form the cloaks clasp. When the cloak is worn, the person donning it disappears from sight. However, while the wearer is invisible when the cloak is worn, if they attack or are attacked, they are rendered visible.