Gavin Sterling
General Information
Domain: Conjuration
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Hair Color: February 4, 1981
Occupation(s): EMT (former)
Family & Friends
Family: Larson Sterling (father)
Elle Sterling (mother)
Zac Sterling (brother)
Hailey Sterling (sister)
Vanyel Sterling (brother)
Relationships: Lorelei Ashford (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: Logan Kilmartin
Brayden Abrams
Adelina Kroman
Other Information
Awards: Most Stalwart
Most Charming
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Robert Buckley


Larson and Elle Sterling spoiled their firstborn like any other parents would. Gavin hardly spent any time outside of their loving arms until the toddler learned how to teleport himself. The magical abilities passed on to him through the Conjurer’s bloodline came naturally; when a mortal playmate wouldn’t share a toy, he’d conjure it away from its owner or summon a fiendish imp to retrieve the prize. Elle started arranging play dates with the other families of Arcane to avoid conflict and revealing the Arcanists’ secrets. Throughout childhood, Gavin was most fond of Lorelei Ashford, Brayden Abrams, and Adelina Kroman.

They shared so many memories that it was a shock whenever he pulled away from those friendships, though he only did so once he was old enough to be wary around mortals. Gavin’s parents favored him over his siblings because he was the reliable child. He was able to find a stability of order with magic while possessing a lighthearted temperament to the supernatural world around him. Father, mother, and son practiced magic together every night until they disappeared. Gavin had planned to move out on his own, but when he witnessed his parents leave the mortal realm, it threw everything he had hoped for out of the window. The procedure of their spell disrupted the Material Realm and forced two monstrous beings into the Sterling home. Gavin immediately rallied his siblings to battle the strange creatures, and the house was destroyed in their victory.

Season OneEdit

The Conjurer family moved into the Azoth Estate permanently in fear that another unexpected attack would be in their future. Tapping into the same signatures that led the Shadowkind into the Sterling home, Gavin was able to trace his parents to the Shadow Realm. Determined to aid the Elders, he searched for magic that would allow him to teleport the remaining families across the planes. Throughout his time at the estate, Gavin regained the friendships that he had grown apart from during his youth. He was given the mantle of leadership, though some speculated that he really did not want it. Forced into a leading role, it was Gavin whose shoulders held the heavy weight among the other Arcanists.

The turmoil that was hitting all of the Arcane families took its toll on the oldest Sterling. When his younger brother, Vanyel Sterling, couldn’t get along with everyone else, he took him to the Shadow Realm and showed him the drastic effects of the raging war. Soon after, his brother became one of the first casualties. Desperate for a solution to the war, Gavin grew closer to the Head Enchantress; the two took solace in one another and helped each other through many tough problems.

Season TwoEdit

Following a lead on an item that would allow Gavin to teleport the Arcanists to the realm where their parents were fighting for their lives, he and a few others returned to Seattle to find the Azoth Estate in ruins. They found that a group of hunters, the Order of Arcane Protectors, had arrived to help fight the war, but the first wave of them hadn’t proved successful. Relocating to Sunset Glades, FL, the last living Arcanists and the Arcane Protectors set up base to continue fighting the war that so many had been lost from. Gavin found out that, aside from his Conjurer duties, Larson Sterling was an agent of the Order. Once he and his wife had gone missing, the Order had taken notice and alerted their base to contact Gavin. In his state, the Conjurer wasn’t interested in joining their ranks – without the knowledge of anyone, he was pulled from the fight against his will.

The higher members of the Order suppressed him with tranquilizers and dragged him to the Northern Territories against his will. Long, drawn-out negotiations followed until they convinced Gavin to fulfill his destiny – one that had once belonged to his father. He was, for the most part, a good student for the early months he was present at the enclave; however, the need to be in battle with his friends became too great of a force for him to fight. Gavin returned to the battlegrounds in Florida, briefly reuniting with his friends before being thrown into a second war against the Shadowkind.

In the attack, Gavin found himself and an ally going up against a giant Basilisk. Desperate to come up with a way to fight the foe, the Conjurer barely escaped its jarring jaws – his ally wasn’t so lucky. Using the creature’s dinnertime as a distraction, he pulled so much energy from his body that it ripped a tear in the fabric of the Material Realm, albeit briefly, which teleported himself and the Basilisk into the Shadow Realm. With the war on his home realm still raging on, Gavin found himself beginning a longer journey of battles in the realm his parents had once been stuck in.

Season ThreeEdit


Signature SpellsEdit

Gate: With the use of this spell, a Conjurer can make an interplanary gate that connects two realms together. The gate can be used by any that the Conjurer designates, though these ‘settings’ are apt to change at the caster’s wish.

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