Kaprece Bontecou
General Information
Domain: Divination
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Family & Friends
Family: Remy Bontecou (brother)
Charlize Bontecou (sister)
Margaux Bontecou (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Sigrid Agren


The Divine Bontecou family taught Kaprece how to use her magic for success and future knowledge. Though she was the third-born to the Bontecou family, she was the closest to her parents. The favoritism didn’t always go un-shown, either; more often than not, it was Kaprece who was at her parents’ fingertips, doing whatever it was that they wished her to do. Some would say that she was also the one that was most easily brainwashed with their ways.

Though Kaprece held a close friendship with her younger sister, Margaux, the secrets that she kept from the girl would later prove to be the downfall of any inkling of a sisterly relationship that the two had. Her sister, Charlize, was never particularly close to Kaprece – this made the decision that Kaprece had to make to put her in an asylum all the more easier. Though Charlize begged her sister and her parents not to put her away for the increasing madness she was succumbing to, Kaprece was the one that ultimately convinced her parents to lock her away.

The life that the girl lived was of splendor. Worried not with what others thought about her or her personality, she constantly sought out ways to climb to the top. One day, this revelation fell right into her lap. The Leopolds attacked her and her parents one night, and though the elder Bontecous were willing to die to save their daughter, it was Kaprece who thought of a bargaining chip to save them all: the location of an Arcane family.

Without hesitation, Kaprece sold out the Ashford family. She disclosed the location of the Ashford Manor in exchange for the safety of her and her parents, though truthfully, she would have done so regardless. The ways that she worked were mysterious to most, though she held an intense hatred for any others that weren’t Diviners – to her, other Arcanists were beneath her and her family.

When her parents revealed to her their parting to the Shadow Realm to fight the war, she moved herself and Margaux to the Azoth Estate. She kept Charlize hidden away, and attempted to contact her brother, Remy, though she couldn’t get in touch with him right away. She found herself living in total disgust under the shared roof with all of the other families, and constantly searched for a way to betray the others.

Season OneEdit

Early on, Kaprece constantly sought out for a way to get a hold of her brother, Remy. Mostly because he had found out her secret of locking away Charlize and selling out the Ashford family, she was scared that he would reveal all of her secrets to the other Arcane families before she had found a way to rid herself of them all. Luckily for her, Remy eventually showed up at the Estate, revealing to her that he planned to tell them everything.

While Remy threatened to reveal everything, the tension between Kaprece and the other members of the families rose. They felt that they couldn’t trust her for some reason, though none really knew why. Everyone had their own suspicions, though no one spoke about them out loud. Kaprece knew that eventually her time would come: she saw Remy revealing everything to them, and began to panic.

Searching for a way to keep him quiet, Kaprece met with a Shadowkind that promised her he’d keep her brother’s mouth shut. She convinced Remy to leave with her one night before he was planning to reveal everything, and it was that night that she met her fate. The Shadowkind betrayed her, killing her and fatally wounding Remy. The doppelganger she had met with took on her brother’s form, and fed off of the mana that flowed between the two’s veins. Ultimately, Kaprece got most of her wish come true, though she wasn’t alive to see the destruction of the Estate herself.