Remy Bontecou
General Information
Domain: Divination
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Charlize Bontecou (sister)
Kaprece Bontecou (sister)
Margaux Bontecou (sister)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season One
Last appearance: Season One
Portrayer: Gaspard Ulliel


While growing up, Remy was mostly close to his youngest sister, Margaux. The two shared everything: secrets, toys, anything that they could get their hands on. While this stirred a little bit of jealousy in his younger sister Kaprece, he didn’t pay any mind to it. At first, his abilities revealed to him visions of the past. As a child, he’d use these visions to tattle on his siblings if they had did something wrong and weren’t confessing up to it. While some saw this as cute, others, like Kaprece, saw it annoying.

He didn’t understand the incessant drive for Kaprece to be their parent’s favorite, though he didn’t particularly care while growing up, either. He mostly stayed to himself and spoke with Margaux, though when Charlize was put away in an asylum, he was angered. He wanted to help his sister instead of lock her away, though nothing he seemed to say to his parents could convince them otherwise. He slowly gathered hatred for his sister, and that was what eventually led to his departure from France.

While he secretly kept in touch with Margaux, he didn’t speak with his parents or Kaprece at all. As his powers developed stronger over the years, he began to have flashes of Kaprece’s betrayal of the Arcane families, and of the downfall of the Arcanists as a whole. Beginning his own journey for a solution, he fell out of touch from even Margaux while he embarked. On this journey, he met a dryad and fell in love with her, though he knew that nothing could ever come out of it. Even still, she helped push him on his journey to find help.

Season OneEdit

When Remy decided that the best solution was to reveal to the families of Kaprece’s betrayal, he arrived at the Azoth Estate. He confronted Kaprece right away, informing her of his decision to turn her in and against the families that she longed to destroy. Even when she begged him not to out of family loyalty, he spat that she had locked away their sister when she needed them the most.

Kaprece managed to convince him to go out to the city once, and that was the first mistake he made. He knew that he shouldn’t trust her, but he found himself unable to turn his back on her pleas. When the doppelganger attacked, he cursed Kaprece’s dead body, and again as he took his own dying breath. He watched as the doppelganger took his form, and drained him of the mana in his veins, which allowed him access to the hidden grounds of the Estate. It seemed that he was the downfall of all that he had been trying to avoid.

The doppelganger continued to live in Remy’s image without the knowledge of the Arcanists. Continuing to go on through his day-to-day activities, he had everyone fooled into believing that he was the real Diviner that he claimed to be. He brought Kaprece’s body back and faked as if he himself were wounded, though it was all a ruse. Every day, he feasted on the mana in Remy’s corpse to continue giving himself enough power to one day bring the ruin to the families.

When Gavin Sterling lead a small group away in search of an artifact that would teleport them all to the Shadow Realm without repercussions, the doppelganger saw it as it’s chance to strike. He used the last remnants of the Diviner’s power to rip through the ancient barriers around Azoth Estate, giving access to the area to the Shadowkind. Ultimately, the doppelganger brought about the downfall of most of the families – and initiated the first war.