Riley Cameron
General Information
Domain: Evocation
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: August 24, 1986
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Occupation(s): Model
Family & Friends
Family: Nathaniel Cameron (father)
Anastasia Cameron (mother)
William Cameron (brother)
Charles Cameron (brother)
Alexander Cameron (brother)
Relationships: Sebastian Mosely (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Carolina Kenyon
Penn Rutherford
Enemies: Alison Abrams (Lich Queen)
Other Information
Education: Yale University
Awards: Most Charming
Most Wily
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Season Three
Portrayer: Mitch Hewer


Riley Cameron was born in Lyons, France, to two high-end fashion designers. Anastasia and Nathaniel Cameron had refused to stay in the States during the end of Miranda’s pregnancy, and instead flew off to the country on business. None of Anastasia’s three other pregnancies had ever slowed her down before, and Riley’s wasn’t going to either, as far as she was concerned. If anything, she saw Riley’s birth as an inconvenience, even though he had arrived right on time to the fashion designing couple. As soon as their business adventure was over, the couple took their newborn back to New York, and so he started his life.

With his parents usually off on some venture, Riley was left to his brothers and the help. Nathaniel Cameron, even though mostly absent from home, always demanded that his children be on the best of their behaviors. Private school teachings weren’t satisfactory for him – along with the institutions, tutors would be hired for each of his kids. Anastasia asked that all of them take up extracurricular activities, though she left the choices up to them. Riley, the most expressive of their children, chose theatre and dance, much to one of his brother’s chagrin.

Growing up, the youngest Cameron child was mostly a target for his brother’s jokes and pranks. His brother Alex saw Riley as his own personal expendability – his younger brother was there for his entertainment, for him to pick on without repercussions. From his pranks, Riley learned how to twist these situations in his favor. Alex did not go unpunished for his pranks on him, but Riley often molded the punishment into what he personally saw fit. Learning to brilliantly craft his words in his favor, the boy manipulated any situation he was in to benefit himself. Over the years, that trait only grew.

With his parents usually absent, Riley grew close to his oldest brother, William. The two were the closest of their brothers, with Charlie always trying to break free from the lifestyle that his parents had given them to live by, and Alex being out on some sporting adventure whenever he wasn’t home and terrorizing Riley. William often took his younger brother out with him to parties and attended Riley’s plays and recitals. As they grew up together, their bond did too; William became one of the only people that Riley was himself around.

Like any other child his age, a young Riley thought himself to be haunted by the creatures in the night; or rather, one in particular. This specter that visited his bedside at night glowed ghastly shades of green, and brought a putrid stench with him that Riley could never handle. The figure was always dressed in a burgundy suit, and his face constantly had a Cheshire grin plastered on his mug. The cold, sharp fingertips that caressed his skin never left any visible marks for anyone to see, so Riley grew up thinking that he had only been dreaming. As he continued to age, the visits from this gentleman.

From his night outs with William, Riley learned how to present himself to others. From those experiences, he blossomed into the socialite that he became accustomed to being. With any situation that he was put in, Riley manipulated the event in his favor – be it framing someone at school for something to go in his favor, or ruining the reputation of an enemy who stood in his way. Though his battle tactics were sly and sneaky, the blond made no apologies for the trouble he caused anyone. He made friends at the drop of the hat, and cut them off faster – he had learned that people weren’t always going to be there for you, and if he didn’t cut them off first then they would only cause him pain in the end. It was better to cut your losses than be affected by them in the long run.

Having mostly focused on theatre and dance when he was growing up, his sexual orientation had never been harshly debated. His hyperactive, bitchy demeanor did nothing to prove he batted a different way than thought – Riley had no problem accepting whom he was, nor did his family. The people in his life that did have an issue with his preference were cut out without any discussion, though Riley never acted on any impulse of his until his high school years. His senior year was the one that sparked changes in him, though they were minor.

On a visit to Yale, Riley met with an individual who would prove to be a vital part of his life. Sebastian Mosely had been introduced to him simply as a tour guide, though the chemistry between the two was too much for either to ignore. Though Riley went back home with only one kiss and seemingly just a memory, the two’s fates would eventually weave them back together. Riley considers himself to have made one mistake in his life – allowing one man to get too close to him during the rest of his senior year. The pranks that Alex had once pulled on him, and the roughhousing that he had to endure whenever he retaliated, were nothing in comparison to the anger that he witnessed coursing through his first boyfriend’s veins. The two clashed too heavily for either to be happy, and at the first physical attack, Riley left the boy in a rehabilitation center.

For his tenure at Yale, Riley met back up with Sebastian and the two spent the rest of the latter’s years together. Though they had their differences and spats, Riley considered Sebastian to be the closest he had ever let anyone besides a family member in, and when they split, the heat between the two heavily intense. Though Sebastian wanted to continue their relationship even as he left for an internship, Riley saw staying together as useless and not worth the pain of separation. So as the two split, Riley threw back up the walls that he felt he had carelessly let fall.

Throughout his years at Yale, the creature that haunted him all throughout his youth continuously visited him. The gentleman mostly visited Riley only when he was asleep, though the nightmares that accompanied his presence never ceased to plague his dreams. The visions of being shredded alive and hung from the cold, damp home of the creature stayed with Riley even when he had Sebastian at his side, though the boy never shared his nightmares. With Sebastian gone, their reoccurrence was strongly enforced. The blond never sought out help.

His senior year at Yale went by relatively smoothly. Though he was still visited by the hideous Shadowkind while he was sleeping, the encounters became less frequent – eventually, however, the time came where Riley’s time was up. After his graduation from the prestigious University, the youngest Cameron boy attended a party held by a friend of his. After venturing off alone and finding himself in an empty dance studio, the Gentleman Pym attacked Riley. The power that the Ancients bestowed him pumped through his veins and defended the otherwise powerless boy, and Riley managed to escape. The fate of the Shadowkind was left unknown to the blond boy.

Heading back home to New York for the months following his graduation, Riley spent some time with William while figuring out what to do. He didn’t feel safe back at home – that’s where the Gentleman had first been visiting him – so he wanted out of the state. He took to researching myths and evil creatures, trying to find out more information about what it was that had attacked and stalked him over the years. The unsafe feeling he harbored in New York became so strong and unavoidable that he made a quick decision to move; that choice brought him to Los Angeles, where history was just beginning to start.

Season ThreeEdit

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Sebastian MoselyEdit

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Carolina KenyonEdit

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Signature SpellsEdit

Dire Winter: The surrounding air freezes, and any object touched will begin to freeze over. Skin, glass, metal - all will quickly gloss with ice. If not used defensively, the body heat of the Evoker will quickly drop, and shards of ice can be shot off offensively. Depending on the experience of the Evoker, this spell can be used to create a blizzard.